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Currently, Triada-LTD together with Eurofinance MosNarBank operates as an investor and client in the construction of a plant for the manufacture of aerated concrete blocks in the Slantsy town, Leningrad Region, with its capacity of 260000 m3†per year. Launching of the plant is to be in the second half of 2007.
Wide range of products to be manufactured there†(plates, apron walls, floors and† walls, etc)† and unique†production line†from German company PHILCO TECHNOLOGIES GMBH† make this plant one of the largest ones not only in North West region but in Russia as well. Besides our company has now-how in aerated concrete production which was not used before -production of blocks with high resistance to earthquakes up to 8 on the Richter scale.


Price and quality† are the main criateria†when one chooses materials for building.† At the†beginning
of 20th century†Swedesh architechtor† ņ.Ericsson† worked out†aerated concrete†production†technology.†This porous material has become a good alternative to traditional stones, bricks, concrete and even wood for building in XX century. After SIPOREX†and YTONG - the oldest Swedish trade marks for aerated concrete, there appeared new ones in different countries in Europe† such asCELCON, THERMALITE, HEBEL, etc. Due to better quality specifications aerated concrete†is used more often than other materials†and advance production technologies allow to manufacture a wide scope of products for roofing, ceilings, walls and insulation.


Aerated autoclaved concrete is porous material made of ground sand, lime, water, gypsum and aluminium powder
. These components are mixed and then foamed and hardened in autoclaves.

Aerated concrete advantages:
- perfect heat storage capacity helps to avoid high temperatures in summer and† heat losses in winter,
- †this concrete can regulate† humidity and prevent from†fungus and mustiness inside the house,†
-†water vapour permeability†is 0,25 - 0,22Ng (compare with wood - 0,15Ng, brick - 0,05 - 0,1Ng),
-† high frost-resistance,
- due to low density wall made of aerated concrete is light† as 3 times as brick wall,
- aerated concrete is easy to cut,†install and transport,
- man-hours needed for installation of aerated concrete blocks†are three times less than for brick walls.

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